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Adding a custom logger

Custom Logger

OAS Tools provide a built-in logger that relies on a winston logger under the hood. This built-in Logger class is built by composition, meaning the underlying winston instance can be overriden.

Creating a custom Logger

As mentioned above, the custom logger must be a winston instance. The example below will show how to create a simple logger with this library, but moore complex designs can be achieved, check out the winston documentation.

Having winston been installed through npm install --save winston, you can create a simple logger using the createLogger function:

// logger.js

const winston = require('winston');

module.exports = winston.createLogger({
  level: 'info',
  format: winston.format.json(),
  defaultMeta: { service: 'user-service' },
  transports: [
    new winston.transports.Console({
        format: winston.format.simple(),

Integrating the Logger

To integrate the new logger inside your OAS Tools service, just import your class under logger.customLogger property inside the configuration file:

// oastools.config.js

const logger = require('./logger');

module.exports = {
    logger: {
        customLogger: logger

Bear in mind that setting a customLogger will cause the rest of logging options to be ignored.