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Swagger UI

Swagger Interface

This feature is not available when using OpenAPI 3.1


The swagger UI is active by default in configuration. You may turn it off or configure it to be displayed in a different route (default is /docs).

This integration of the swagger interface consists in a middleware class wrapping the swagger-ui-express package. This way, OAS Tools is able to integrate it inside its middleware chain and extend its configuration adding new options, such as the possibility of hiding endpoints from the swagger documentation.

Swagger UI


Thanks to the OAS Tools integration of the SwaggerUI, many configuration options are available across the project. Some of the posibilities are listed below.

Hiding endpoints

OAS Tools offers the possibility to hide determined endpoints from the swagger interface, depending on whether the experimentals JSDoc annotations are enabled or not:

Through the OpenAPI document

In order to hide one or more operation from the swagger documentation, you need to add x-swagger-ui: false at the operation level of the OpenAPI document.

    x-swagger-ui: false
    description: Some endpoint's operation    

Using annotations (Experimental)

When experimental JSDoc annotations are enabled, operations can be hidden just by adding the @oastools {swaggerUI} false annotation on top of the controller operation you want to hide.

 * @oastools {method} POST
 * @oastools {swaggerUI} false */
module.exports.createUser = function createUser(req, res) {
  varUserController.createUser(req, res);


The custom CSS is a feature already included in the express-swagger-ui package wrapped inside OAS Tools swagger middleware. You can sett customCSS from the global server configuration, under middleware.swagger.ui.customCSS:

// .oastoolsrc

  "middleware": {
    "swagger": {
      "ui" : {
        "customCss": ".swagger-ui .topbar { background-color: blue }"

The example above would result in a swagger interface with a blue topnav:

Swagger UI blue nav

More options

More options are inherited from swagger-ui-express npm package. Please visit their documentation to know all the possible config options.